Gloucestershire Information Sharing Partnership Agreement

This guide supports front-line practitioners who work in children`s or adult services and who must make case-by-case decisions about the exchange of personal data. The consultation contains the seven golden rules for the effective exchange of information and can be used to complement local councils and promote good information exchange practices. When a project involves the exchange of personal data, specific agreements on the exchange of information are required. The following document provides a template that meets the requirements outlined on this page. Specific sharing agreements (or second-level agreements) are also required for individual projects for which sharing personal data is a key element. A template is provided here Opens a new window (which meets the requirements of the two top chords listed above). Effective exchange of information between professionals and local agencies is essential for effective identification, evaluation and delivery of services. For any questions related to this agreement, please contact the information sharing coordinator: examples of existing second-level agreements are available. For more information, please contact ISA Tier 1 is implemented to ensure that regular sharing of personal data complies with data protection legislation. The latest version of the protocol is 3.1.

The exchange of data can be done in a way that helps to provide the best services we all want, while respecting people`s legitimate expectations regarding the privacy and confidentiality of their personal data. by email: If your organisation intends to share information with Avon and Somerset Police, check to see if you are connected to our ISA – Tier 1. “If children and families are to receive the right help at the right time, everyone who comes into contact with them has a role to play in identifying concerns, sharing information and speed of action” (Keeping Children Safe in Education, HM Government September 2020). Detailed information about the service is available on Schoolsnet and can be found here. If an organization wishes to be part of our sharing protocol, it signs an information sharing agreement (ISA) called Tier 1. It is signed by an equivalent director or manager for each organization or on behalf of a senior official. Since 2005, Gloucestershire County Council has joined the Avon IM-T Consortium: Information Sharing Agreement, which sets out the principles, objectives and organizational responsibilities for the exchange of personal data between agencies, whether legal, voluntary or independent. Fear of information sharing should not hinder the need to promote the well-being and safety of children. For effective protection: For more information, click HERE. The two cross-cutting agreements are based on the same principles; they cover only several partner organizations. A quick exchange of information is the key to effective and rapid assistance in the event of problems.

At the other end of the continuum, information sharing can be essential for effective child protection services. Serious case reviews (IDIs) showed how poor information sharing contributed to the deaths or serious injuries of children. While triple P almost always succeeds in improving children`s behavioural problems, more than half of its focus is on developing positive attitudes, abilities and behaviours. This avoids problems and develops family relationships that encourage children to reach their full potential.

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