Reciprocal Agreement Template

2. Institutional Contact Partner (optional and preferred) – This contact is the person who facilitates the signing of the agreement on behalf of the partner institution. What is in the Lead Commission contract? The Commission Contract lead model includes: introduction and definitions; The relationship and process Intellectual property and confidential information Duration and termination; Commission; Roles and responsibilities Injury Dispute resolution general. A mutual agreement is a genuine exchange program in which students from each institution can spend a semester or a year at the host institution as students looking for a degree. Academic Director – This is the member of the faculty of UF who wants to work with the partner institution. This is the person we will contact to renew the contract when it ends. If this person leaves the UF while the agreement is active, please contact UFIC to designate a new contact or terminate the contract. A new agreement is signed for each renewal. Our office will work with the partner institution for any changes they wish to make to this model. To reach a mutual agreement, it is necessary to conclude the following. You can find the models below on this page.

After receiving the agreement completely transformed by UFIC, the agreement is activated and an electronic copy is sent to the academic director. This agreement is intended for situations in which the committee agreement is reciprocal. If a person refers to a person but does not receive leads from that person, the Commission`s agreement may be considered. The UF has a proposal approved by the General Council, which describes the exchanges and is being negotiated to meet the needs of both institutions and their respective students. Approval by the department for the development of an agreement. Please use the department header if you receive signatures. Institutional Contact Partner – this is the person in the partner institution with whom the member of the UF faculty will work on the academic component of the agreement. Download the free model for David Streit`s reciprocal agreement here. Please note that a new model of mutual exchange agreements has been developed, which will be used for all agreements to be renewed.

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